Photo by is.a.lab

Photo by is.a.lab

Fi Nomad has a story ...

For years I have tried different diaries, I thought that my obsession with time would make me in need of a diary. I didn´t know myself, I don´t work like that.

For me, a diary is heavy and I do not use it every day. I need something I can use to visualize my time and be free to write as much as I want.

I found a solution, I have realized that with a blank Moleskine notebook and a folding year calendar I have what I need! Freedom to write or draw and a visualization of my year. I created Fi Nomad pocket.

Some months after that, when I met Miriam and she explained to me her plan to travel indefinitely I remembered my Nomad prototype. I thought how beautiful it would be to expand Fi Nomad pocket to a size A5 where she could have the space to record the days of that life experience. Each day she could write down her different destination, the name of a person she had met or a new meal she had discovered. It does not matter, it would be her memories just for her, so she could write whatever she wanted.

Fi nomad

Fi nomad is not only a calendar.

Fi nomad is not only an annual planner.

Fi nomad is not only a blank canvas.

Fi-Nomad is a wonderful artefact, a paper machine that can store memories and bring you closer to your goals.

This calendar can be used to see the whole year, the complete picture. But it is designed to show the year in three visions. Three logical four-month periods: The first beginning in January (the official start of the year), the second in May (spring) and the third in September (the real beginning for many people).

Fi-Nomad is a message:

"Concentrate on the present moment without forgetting the landscape"

Fi Nomad is designed for individual use. It is a space to share with yourself.

Fi Nomad speaks of concentration and tranquility.

Fi Nomad is a moment. It is being on the train and looking at your calendar, taking this moment to become aware of where you really are.

Fi Nomad allows you to change the scale, zoom in and out at the same time. With each unfolding you can focus on different time periods. From day to day, or from week to semester to year.



until 15th January