Collage by is.a.lab

Collage by is.a.lab

Fi vision has a story ...

When I finally realized that my work no longer produced passion, I began to consider different options. Every day I came up with a different possible future. I decided then to draw the year on a piece of paper to see what these ideas meant in time.

I realized that to make these important decisions I needed to get the bigger picture. In the end I drew four annual calendars on which I set the scenarios of different possible life changes. If I'm writing this, it's because I bet on one of them.

Fi vision

Fi vision is not only a calendar.

Fi vision is not only an annual planner.

Fi vision is not only a blank canvas.

Fi vision is the tool that allows you to take a step back, stop and take a moment to understand your time. Do not be afraid to discover what excites you and explore it.

Fi vision is an easily transportable tool.

Fi visual allows you to visualize the entire year. You will be able to understand your time by taking a step back to see the full picture.

Fi vision is a very useful tool to visualize two, three or five years, in a simple way. With a few sheets on the table you can get these long-term projects down in a simple way.

Fi-vision is a message: "dare to dream, and make it come true."

Fi vision helps you achieve your goals. But the first step is deciding what you want because it is very difficult to reach a destination without knowing where you are going.

It is clear that life is unpredictable. it is great to change dreams or get carried away by unexpected surprises but stop to think about what you want and set up some steps that can bring you there. discover what excites you and explore it.

achieving those goals is not the aim, to start moving in the direction you desire is what makes the difference.

Fi-vision is a moment of revelation. It is that moment when you realize that what you have drawn/planned on this paper sheet could become reality. it is not so difficult or out of reach.

You only need to make the small steps.

Fi-vision is the first step.



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