Collage by is.a.lab

Collage by is.a.lab

Fi wall has a story ...

The first time I made this prototype was by hand, joining A4 sheets. It was a time when my partner and I established the date on which I would return from Switzerland to live together.

Being able to see the time that remained, gave us the strength to move forward and relativize the duration of that time separated. We looked for intermittent dates that we could see each other. In the moments between these visits we could always look at the calendar to remember that it had not been that long since we last saw each other and that there was not much time left until the next little trip we had planned.

Having this perspective gave us the energy to live this situation with an understanding that there was an end. It was a step towards being back together.

My whole year was reflected in that calendar. The dinners on Wednesdays with the girls, the birthdays, the escapades to the Alps or the farewells to friends who were making big changes.

My calendar groups all my memories of a precious stage in my life. When I see it I also remember how much it helped me to understand what I was living.

Fi wall

Translucent vegetal sheet 280 x 940 mm

Fi wall is not only a calendar.

Fi wall is not only an annual planner.

Fi wall is not only a blank canvas.

FI wall allows you to understand that the future and the past are related. That the achievements / memories of previous months or weeks must also be visible because they are a positive push.

Fi wall visualizes a whole year, It is a translucent paper on which appears every day of the year with enough space for any annotation.

Fi wall is committed to visualizing the year in weeks as logical units with a beginning and an end.

Fi-wall creates a place where you can see your time, where you can visualize the future and remember the past.

Fi-wall is a message:

 "There is time, see how much time there is. Decide what is important to you and date it. "

 "Take time for those important to you, for your dreams, for what makes you happy"

Fi-wall is a moment: The one of standing to think, to imagine.

Fi wall is Sunday afternoon, it's the week before vacation, It's the time you take to dream.

Fi-wall is a memory. It is the memory that you have lived another wonderful year. With it´s light and shadows, with it´s problems, challenges and surprises.

Fi-wall is easily foldable so that you can store it and keep your memories of the year. It is the translucent paper where you will always find what happened to you that wonderful year.

Fi wall is the memory that you were alive.


Fi Wall 2020 will be on sale from december 1st!

until 15th January