your piece

Fi-Your Piece is not only a calendar.

Fi-Your Piece is not only an annual planner.

Fi-Your Piece is your blank canvas.

Fi-Your Piece is your customized time display tool

Visualize the period of time you want either to accumulate memories or to move towards objectives.

Fi Your Piece is a blank canvas in which to visualize a vital stage to which you want to pay special attention. A pregnancy, the preparation of a wedding, a trip, a working stay abroad...

Fi your piece has a story…

I have not had babies in my environment for many years. Marta has been my first pregnant friend. She is the origin of the idea Fi Your Piece, a gift for Marta and her son.

I was so amazed by all the changes and exciting moments she was living that I decided to make a calendar of these nine months in which she could write down those exciting moments that she lived. She could choose the format and size they wanted.

That's what Fi-your piece is, it's a visualization tool for the stage you want in the format you prefer.